Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenges

An Exclusive 4-Week 1-on-1 Life Program by Licensed
Life Coach & Spiritual Advisor: Anthony Lott

You Only Have This One Shot at Your Life.
Let’s Make It the Best Life Possible!

Meet Your Coach

Hi, my name is Anthony Lott and I’m a licensed life coach and spiritual advisor who’s studied cognitive psychology, have been a dream interpreter for over 20+ years, and I also have my Doctorate of Theology from Slidell Seminary (2004-2008).

I’ve worked multiple Fortune 500 companies and popular public figures throughout my successful career as a life coach and spiritual advisor.

Over the years I’ve also helped all everyday people, from all walks of life, to not only overcome some of their greatest obstacles, fears and setbacks, but I’ve also helped them re-connect with themselves in a very personal and even spiritual way.

These are everyday people just like yourself who’ve….

What’s amazing is how just a few TINY breakthroughs and a few changes in the way these people take action (and also question their own beliefs) can quickly create positive changes.

It’s almost as if a certain light goes off in their eyes, and you can see the heavy weight of past stress, worry, or self-doubt disappear. It’s an amazing thing to witness and it’s the #1 reason why I love to help others. In fact, it’s what I’m deeply passionate about doing.

Because let’s face it, we only have this one shot at life.

And I feel it’s our duty to live the life that we’re meant to live – and in the most abundant and fulfilling way possible.

So now I want to ask you a personal question…

Are you someone right now who’s struggling in your own life?

Maybe your struggles have to do with your work, your personal life, or maybe how you feel about yourself and how you’re living your life.

No matter what you’re facing I want to personally help you. I want you to not only ‘weed out’ the negatives that are pulling you down in life (both internally and externally), but I also want to help you find


I’ve now made available my exclusive 4-week 1-on-1 life coaching program to you.

And I’ve called it:

What You’ll Get In This Exclusive 1-on-1 Life Coaching Program

Mastering You is a 4-week life coaching program. Once a week, for 4 weeks, we’ll do a 1 hour live video session together where you can discuss your own struggles, pains, frustrations or your own goals and ambitions.

“This is your special time to allow yourself to be you. There is no judgement. I’m here to help you find the clarity and connection to both yourself, but also in the external and spiritual world (if that’s what you’re seeking).”

Depending on our weekly sessions and your personal needs, I’ll also give you specific guides, tools and exercises you need to help you further advance down your ideal path in life. You’ll be shocked at just how a few of these tools and exercises can make a huge impact in the quality of your own life and happiness.

And most importantly…

“I will be with you EVERY step of the way during this 4-week process. I’ll be here to help guide you, motivate you, and even inspire you to become the true master of your own life and happiness.”

If you’d like to get yourself booked for my MASTERING YOU 4-week life coaching program, simply click on the Buy Now! Button. The program is valued at $1,500 but only today you can get the program for $1,000.


Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenges

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